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February 3, 2023 9:47 am

Events: In The Real Sense Of It

Straight away, let us have a clear understanding of what event is in a real sense of it. I mean real sense of it because most often than not, all gatherings are called an event without properly understanding what kind of event it is.

The dictionary defined Event as a public or social occasion. Put more succinctly, it is such gatherings or public assembly that are organized for variety of reasons including but not limited to celebration purposes, Entertainment, Sports and even Educational and/or career fairs.

Events can be held indoors or outdoors depending on the type, size and the context for which the event is organised. It is important for us to identify the classes or types of event that can be organized so that when next one you are going for an ‘Event’ and someone asks you ‘what type of event is that?, you will be able to give an answer without blinking an eyelid.

Entertainment Event

This is undoubtedly, one of the most popular types of event in contemporary times. Public gatherings like music and comedy concerts, Fashion fairs and shows, Excellence award functions, Beauty pageants, etc all fall into the category of Entertainment event. The main purpose of the such events include to get the audience enjoy fun and be entertained in the midst of other objective such as identifying beauty pageant in the case of a beauty pageants show. Music, Comedy, Dance and other entertainment tools are utilized here.

Education and Career Fairs

These are events designed to promote education and career of the target audience. Such events include but not limited to the popular

job fairs, seminars/workshop/symposium, education fair, competitions. While the education fair seeks to provide information on educational matters such as schools, courses etc, job fairs are the meeting point for both potential employees and employers alike. These types of events are mainly informational

Social Events

Social event is another class of event that provides fun and entertainment for the audience while seeking to serve a purpose for the convener. Events classified under this category include birthday party, Weddings, all kind of anniversary celebration etc. You will notice that most of the events in this category are organized by or for individuals.

Corporate Events

Sometimes, a corporate organization will desire to introduce some new products into the market or create more buzz around its products and services. Also organizations sometimes come together with the purpose of exchanging ideas and or displaying their services in one location for members of audience to visit such as exhibitions. These are all referred to as Corporate events.

Sports events

This discussion cannot be complete without mentioning Sports – one of the most common in the world today. There are different types of sports events as held today the world over. Events like African Cup of Nations, European Championships, World Football Cup competitions, Olympics, Athletics meetings Tennis Grand Slams etc. The purpose of this class of event is more about talent promotion and development in addition to the excitement and fun the audience derives while watching them.

Other classes include event such as Fund raising, religious meetings and political meetings. These most often are self explanatory.

Why Events and Audience

Events are held principally to meet an objective. Such objective as mentioned above could be that of providing fun and entertainment, education, award for excellence and celebration of life. Whichever one it is, it must be organized with the target audience in mind such that the purpose is not defeated. This is explained further in subsequent write up.

Did you gain anything new? Whichever way you find yourself, this is just the beginning. The engine is just starting to roll. But please do not stay away when it will be on full gear.



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