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February 3, 2023 11:19 am

Goldie Returns, Talks about Her Experience at Big Brother Stargame House

Nigerian Singer Goldie who was evicted at the Black Brother Stargame show arrived Nigeria earlier in the week and gave some revealing insights into her days inside the house.

First she confessed that that her closeness to Prezo was not in any way a strategy she adopted to win. According to her, she just saw him as a calm, intelligent and easy going person.

But she felt disappointed to learn that the same man she kind of trusted could nominate her for eviction. She said he played her and cried about it.

That is who I am. That was how I was brought up. I am a very emotional person. But I cried mostly because of the betrayal that I felt from Prezzo! He was the last person that I thought could betray me. He was always giving me hope” she concluded.

Welcome home Goldie. Maybe music loves you more.




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