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October 3, 2023 2:52 am

EnigmaBlast – About

The world we live in is intertwined with puzzling and inexplicable situations and occurrences. Every second records thousand of events world over. These events need to be brought to the discerning mind who may be restricted in the conscripts of their offices and as such will not have the opportunity of scavenging for the piece and pieces of event information which in one way or the other will add value to the lifestyle and behavioral pattern of the individual.

Beyond that, several lifestyles that we take for granted or that which remain a puzzle will at one time or the other need to be brought to the fore. Wouldn’t it be nice if that is done on a regular basis?

Enigmablast is about x-raying both sides of the world and presenting them to the audience. It is about telling some stories the way they have not been told before and probably will never be. It is about commenting on lifestyle issues and also allowing the members of the audience the right to air their views through contributions and mere comments to issues. It is about telling and critiquing the events that have held, the ones that will still hold. It will feature its mother event- THE ENIGMA: Not Just a Show- prominently.

Even more importantly, it will be to a certain extent a change agent in the society by virtue of its content. We do not guarantee that 100% but we will strive to ensure that the objective is met because if there is something the society needs at this time in all its ramifications, it a change agent.

It is more than a blog. Follow us and get a blast full of Enigmablast. Do not forget to get in touch whenever it is needed.

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