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December 5, 2021 8:19 am

Didi Hold Maiden Fashion Show

“The passion for designing, arts and creativity were the major forces behind venturing into the fashion business.

Who says passion is not a key factor in being a success in any business one decides to undertake. This is epiomised by the saying of Miss Tina Ndidi Ugo is the Creative Director behind ‘Didi Creations Limited’ at Didi creations maiden fashion show.

More striking is that she didn’t have formal training or education in fashion before venturing into it even though she is a multiple degree holder – one in Nigeria and two in the UK including an MBA.

Describing Didi Creations, she offered:.“Our services include, creating unisex clothing, footwear, bags and accessories. We also offer customized services to clients on request. Our design inspirations are drawn from colours, retro, african arts and culture; hence the colourful, retro and afrocentric theme in most of our designs.”

According to her, “Quality is key in everything we do, so we work with the best and tested artisans around the globe to create our perfect finished designs. Each of our design is hand crafted from start to finish. We create using the finest natural raw materials ranging from leather, bamboo, fabric, fur, beads, wood, straw, sequence, shells and coconut shells.

Congrats to Didi on the height it has reached so far and the higher


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